Sunday, February 7, 2010

Emma's 1st day at Kindergarden

A sad but exciting Morning...

Emma got up nice and early and i helped her get ready for school. Harrison was not awake yet and Will had already left for work. It was just the two of us.
It was a quiet morning that I think I'll remember always. I helped her put on her dress, socks and shoes. I brushed her hair and put it in pony tails.
I began to talk to her about what she needed to do and what things to remember and a thought came to my mind. 'I wouldn't be there all day to tell her where she needed to be or that she needed to eat all her lunch. I have to let her go and trust that she will follow her teachers instructions. But what if her teacher was vague or unapproachable? What if Emma doesn't like her? The school is big what if she gets lost?' I think then was the only time I came close to crying. Just the thought of her starting a new chapter in her life. I really hope it all goes slowly and I can enjoy it. I had a flash forward moment where I pictured what it would be like getting her ready on her wedding day. But quickly changed my thought pattern before there really was some water works!

So i got my camera and began to take some photos....
She was so excited. She had been counting down the days for a week.

Emma, taking her first walk to school.
We got her a bag that fit everything she needed and didnt look too big for her.

Will made sure he was there for Emma and gave her a big cuddle and wished her luck on her big day. He also thought that turning up in uniform may discourage anyone who wants to mess with his little girl hahaha

Cheeky little thing!

Ashton also started with Emma. They are different classes but the rooms are next to eachother, which makes it easier for us mums. There is also quite a few kids from church going to this school and it was one of the reasons why we liked it.

Harrison loved Emma's classroom and wanted to stay longer. He got really upset when i made him leave but we did give emma big cuddles. He does miss her and constantly asks for her when we're at home. But it's gonna be nice to have some one on one time with him.

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Vienna and Ricky said...

Seeing Emma at school makes me realise that I am in no way ready for the next stage. She looks so little and yet so confident. Harry must be loving having mum (and dad some days) to himself.