Friday, October 30, 2009

A couple of years ago i studied a little bit of Interior Decoration and i fell in love with it! I would like to one day continue with it but at the moment its just a hobbie. So when we bought our home i certainly had a few ideas on what i wanted and was pleasantly suprised at Will's talent for picking colours and creating a look in our home.

There are a few little personal touches i have made in my home that i love. I dont mind picking up a brush here and there, hmmm i am Mario Caballero's daughter hahaha
Anyways, here they are.

When you walk in the front door this is hopefully the first thing you see :) This chandelier is painted in brown paint on top of material which is stapled onto canvas.

Our bedroom has a interior sliding door so once you open it this in painted on the side of our built in. We screwed in little nobs so i could hang things on them.

I painted these canvases before i had Harrison... Love them!

Emma's tree. I wanted her room to look like a garden... We're getting there.

I would love to one day say hi, yeah im an interior decorater and i specialize in childrens rooms!
but i have ALOT to learn still... dream, dream, dream.


Vienna and Ricky said...

The photos don't give it justice. I can't wait to see the dragon mural.

Wendy V Kirby said...

seriously i dont know if i should do it...

Kirby Family said...

It is all so beautiful... I cant wait to buy a house to you can help me decorate it! he he SHOPPING!! he he your very talented I have always said it... believe it honey take the plunge and go for it!! xxx