Sunday, June 28, 2009

Our home..

The living room is nice and big but it has a massive bar in it.. yuk.. So thats the first thing to go!
Oh and a special mention to the gorgeous wood laminate wall decor.. lovely hehe
The bit lying sideways is a chunk i ripped off.
In this picture Will's knocked the whole wall and bar out yay!

Our yellow support beam so our roof doesn't fall on us. Jony is in this pic making holes for our lights he'll eventually put in.

Will, Aaron & Neil putting up Giprock so our roof is level.

Roof done, Walls painted (thanks to all our friends and family who helped!) The wall on the right will eventually (when we have the money) have a big built in across it for Will's DVD's and our linen (because this house has no linen closet).

Our home right now! Our floors are done and our down lights are in. Most of our furniture is set up but we're only just putting our curtains up today (so the ugly blinds are in these photos) and our walls are pretty bare.

Despite the non smiling faces, the kids love it!

From drab to FAB! ..............Well i think so :)


Troncoso said...

We love it and are going to invite ourselves over for a real look!!!! It looks so open I bet you love all the space! Oh, Midnight Sun, is the whole book coming out???

Wendy V Kirby said...

So far it says on her website that it isnt... i bet at some point she will. it better!!! I love it!