Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I Love Twilight! Just thought if anyone out there was wondering... he he he

I've read all four books (and midnight sun) and if your looking for a book to read i highly recommend them. Dont just watch the movie because its really just a taste of how good
the books truly are.

Ive also started reading another Stephanie Meyer book The Host and its great!!
So all in all i think any book written by her must be awesome!
Heres a pic for all the other fanpiers out there!


Troncoso said...

Thanks Wendy, I lost Vienna to your book review. I had a look in ebay to check if I could get her a nice gift... Well I always thought, we as a community should visit our local library... The other thing, I strongly suggest to see the movies,, because there are many things one misses out if you only read the book. Like, the amazing special effects that are now introduced, the girl, visual stimulation, the pretty girl and last but not least showers scenes. Is there a shower scene?? I haven't watched the movie, but if there is,, Does the book have pictures?? look Wendy imagine,, Would Transformers be a good book to read?? no! we would miss out on the awesome robots transforming and the HOT GIRL. Another thing if there was only books, what would Gaby do with his internet??? Pretty Girls Rock!! Long live the movies. Ricky P.S Vienna looks like the Transformer Chick, to me anyway and that's what counts.Vienna if you read this I totally Love You.

Wendy V Kirby said...

Rick... what the hell was that about??? Not too sure what you were trying to say but i want to clear something up.... Where did Transformers start???? A COMIC BOOK! SO i win! books are better! chau Loco! P.S Will is my Edward!