Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Confessions of a Scrapaholic...

I must confess... The reason why i don't blog as much as i'd like to is because I love SCRAPBOOKING!!! And honestly? I'd rather do that. It's hard to keep up with both and i applaud those who can. So I thought i'd share what i have done lately... This is what has been keeping me away... Enjoy... (my scanner is only A4 size so some of these pictures i had to stick together thats why they dont look 100%)

This photo was taken when we went to the Sydney Aquarium
for Emma's 4th Birthday outing.
Harrison Is looking at seals sunbaking and swimming around.

At Nathaniel's last birthday it was a dress-up party
and Emma hurt her foot so she watched from a stool.
I love how Logan the little fairy is in this picture playing.

Emma is as cute as ever and her fav thing in the world is to play dress-ups! When watching Beauty and The Beast one afternoon. She turned to me after seeing Belle crying in her room when the beast yells at her. "Mummy, she doesn't need to cry, she can just play dress-ups!"

Friends Forever!

These photos are the most gorgeous things ever!
With much begging and a little stealing i was able to get them
from Scarlett. But arn't you glad Tia, look how beautiful they are!

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Scarlett said...

Wendy… I love it, they are all gorgeous photos! And yes, I’m very glad you taxed the photos of Emma and Adalia, they make such cute besties. What a great Idea to blog your scrap booking too, it looks fantastic!!!