Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Happy Halloween!

We usually dont do much for Halloween but this year we had three different things to dress up for so we took full advantage of it.Harrison and his friends at playgroup dressed up for the day and made some cute little spiders for craft. He didnt keep his outfit on as you can see. Instead of calling him a mummy, which he thought meant he was dressing up as me hehe, we called him Bandage boy!

Along with a few of the cousins we decided to go trick or treating to eachothers homes and everyone looked so fun and scary! Emma was so excited. She actually wanted to have the one eyebrow and moles!

Here are a few of the others, Nathaniels pose is priceless!

Anael Fuente so serious. She must be in character.

The 3rd thing we were invited to was a 30th birthday of our close friend Kelly, so i dressed as a witch and Will was my Vampire! So much fun.

Not sure if we'll do these fun things every year but we may have to as the kids grow older.
But i must admit it was all great. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA (evil laugh)

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Jony and Scarlett said...

Aha!! i knew it all along, you are a witch!

Looks like heaps of fun. You all look awsome! especially Nati.