Thursday, April 8, 2010

Fairy Friend

Emma has had one of her front teeth trying to come out for SO long. The big tooth already popped up behind the baby tooth and basicully pushed it out. Its been wiggly for awhile. Today though, she was paying a little more attention to it and when Lelo (my dad) came over it was outta here. I told Emma that Lelo is really good at getting them out without hurting you. So she stood there while he tried to get a grip of it. It was funny because the tooth is tiny and my dad's fingers are huge hehe but its out!! And in this envelope ready for our fairy friend.

There is a little gap i hope will be filled soon ;)

My favorite part of our fun filled night was when Emma was washing her mouth out and there was some blood in the water. Harrison was watching her and said "Aww you poor little girl" hehe He often refers to her as His little Emma. CUTE!!

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