Saturday, August 29, 2009

Hide and Seek

Since moving into our new home the kids have discovered a few good hiding places and we've had a few fun games of it recently. Hopefully in the near future the backyard will look less like a construction site and we'll have many more places to hide. But so far this is Harrison's fav place to be even when we're not playing...(and especially when Im trying to get him to finish his spaghetti) The pantry!

I quite like the size of it. Both kids can get in easily.... even I hide from them in there when they are driving me crazy or when I'm on an important call hehehe


Jony and Scarlett said...

important call huh? probably to call 4 twilight premier tix.. or twilight obsessive anonymous... love your cheeky little pantry buddies.
p.s im not sure that kids count as food storage.

Vienna and Ricky said...

I am thinking of putting in a panic room... that locks from the inside, for all those "mummy need a time out" moments! I think it would be an easy conversion for the pantry if you are interested.